10 things I must have for gardening

10 things I must have for gardening

  1. Felco No.8 Secateurs – yes they are expensive compared to alternatives, but they work, they are tough and parts can be replaced if worn or broken.  Felco No2 Secateurs are similar and equally good.
  2. Felco F600 Folding Pruning Saw – in winter I use these more than my secateurs, who needs a chainsaw – just a word of warning watch your thumb that’s holding the branch you are cutting.
  3. Knife – always handy to have in your pocket, please don’t abuse it by using it as a substitute for a screwdriver.
  4. A notebook and pencil – essential for making notes, pens often don’t work in damp garden conditions.
  5. Camera – an underused tool to record so much. In December can you remember what was flowering the previous summer.
  6. A trusted listener – enthusiastic gardeners always have loads of ideas, plans and goals – somebody who can run a reality check helps.Garden-Tips-1---Me-&-Jonny
  7. Places to sit down – what is the point of creating your own paradise if you never sit down and enjoy it.
  8. Plants I like – obvious yes.  Grow what YOU like even if they are not fashionable, it’s your garden.
  9. Books (plant books of course) – can’t remember the last time I read a novel.Garden-Tips-1---Books
  10. Daylight – lots of it!   Clearing yellow Lime leaves is possible, for a while, without it.

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