Antiques Roadshow filming at Newby this Summer!

Could you own a missing masterpiece or a priceless treasure?

Check the attic and those car boot bargains as BBC’s the Antique Roadshow will be filmed at Newby on Friday 31st July

Now on its 43rd series, thousands of people come to each Roadshow filming day hoping their car boot bargains and family heirlooms are missing masterpieces or priceless treasures.

Filming her 13th series, Fiona Bruce said:

“We’re visiting some beautiful and surprising locations and no doubt we’ll meet some surprising owners too. All comers welcome so do bring along your objects and let’s see if we can unearth some truly amazing finds. A Faberge egg would do, I’m not fussy!”

First broadcast in 1979 the Roadshow remains one of the most popular factual programmes on BBC One with around six million people regularly watching on Sunday evenings.

So raid the attic and unearth those car boot bargains and bring them along to Antiques Roadshow.

Robert Murphy, series editor of Antiques Roadshow, said: “There’s always a buzz when the Roadshow comes to town and we can’t wait to see what treasures and heirlooms will emerge form the attic.

It’s a great day out for all the family and a brilliant opportunity to go behind the scenes of one of the of the BBC’s best-loved programmes. You never know, it could be your item that gets chosen to be on TV.

Our team of experts are looking forward to seeing your items and they’ll be able to reveal more about what they are and where they come from – and of course, that all important valuation. Come and find out if that mystery object that’s been gathering dust all these years is actually worth a fortune!”

Some of the Roadshow’s most fascinating finds include a Faberge flower ornament worth £1million, a handwritten document signed by Elizabeth 1, a ring containing a lock of author Charlotte Bronte’s hair, a wristwatch owned by Lawrence of Arabia, a 17th Century miniature book reviewing Shakespeare’s plays and a leather jacket worn by John F Kennedy.

Many objects featured on the Roadshow are found in some very strange places. Winston Churchill’s hat and letters were discovered in a dump near London, Donald Trump’s vanity set found in a charity shop, a mysterious pottery figure found in a coal shed and diamond jewellery discovered sewn into a sofa.

Entry to the Roadshow is free, everyone is welcome, and no tickets or pre-registration is required

Please note: Dogs are not permitted anywhere in Newby’s Gardens and Woodland.

Visitors are welcome to turn up on the day, but they can also share their stories about special items they are bringing along on our website

Alternatively, write to Antiques Roadshow, BBC, Whiteladies Road, Bristol BS8 2LR.

More information, frequently asked questions, and parking information can be found at or on the show’s Facebook page.

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