Mark Jackson

What a superb month September is for us, all around there are signs of the beauty of Autumn. But don’t be fooled into thinking summer is over and there is no colour in the garden.

Our choice for the first ‘roaming’ Silent Space here at Newby is a quiet seat tucked away down by the river below the Herbaceous Borders. At this time of year there is so much colour

The modern world is a very busy place where time is precious and the opportunity for a quite reflective moment is hard to find. Gardens, parks and the countryside are ideal places to allow some respite

Our last Newby Orchard Group winter pruning day of 2017 is fast approaching. On Tuesday 14th February the Garden Team and our enthusiastic band of Volunteers will continue with the renovation work (that we started in December), of

Due to the rising river levels the River Boat trips are cancelled for this weekend 8th and 9th May