British Printmakers Exhibition in the Grantham Rooms

British Printmakers Exhibition in the Grantham Rooms

Whilst Newby Hall has been closed over the winter, the Grantham Rooms has undergone something of a transformation. Along with a new colour on the walls, a new exhibition by British Printmakers has appeared, courtesy of Daniel Hornsey who runs the Shop@Newby Hall.

The Exhibition which will run throughout the season features stunning works by the finest printmakers working in Britain today. Artists include Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Eliza Southwood, Michael Kirkman, Carry Akroyd, Angela Harding, Mark Hearld, Emily Sutton and Jonny Hannah.

Make sure that you come in and have a look and all the works are available to buy from the Shop

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18 May 2020

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Due to the rising river levels the River Boat trips are cancelled for this weekend 8th and 9th May