Make this the year you start gardening

Make this the year you start gardening

There are many reasons why gardening is so popular in this country, the great diversity of plants that we can grow is one.  Most importantly success and enjoyment are achievable whatever your age, experience or size of garden.

All the family can grow plants, sow seeds and even take cuttings.  Find a bit of soil or a few pots and have a go.

In the dark days this month think what type of garden you like.  Is it lots of colour, a rockery with pretty Alpines, colourful Herbaceous Perennials or scented Shrubs.


Next start looking at books and magazines for ideas and inspiration, if possible talk to Professional Gardeners or Nurserymen.

Hopefully by now there are a few plant names of interest.  Don’t worry about those Latin names to start with.

To find these plants for sale as well as using a local Garden Centre look for smaller Nurseries, the Plant Finder book is an invaluable source.

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18 May 2020

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Due to the rising river levels the River Boat trips are cancelled for this weekend 8th and 9th May