Plan your safe visit – June 2020

We are pleased to welcome visitors back to Newby for a safe and enjoyable visit enjoying the space, tranquility and our award winning gardens..

Please visit the website, select the day you wish to visit so we can limit the number of visitors on any day, you will also choose one of 5 arrival times.  This is purely to alleviate any queuing.  Click here for tickets.

Please leave lots of space around your car.  We have hundreds of acres to park in!






Please follow the instructions on site

Toilets are located at the Entrance, Grantham Room and the Railway Shop





Use the sanitisers and wait to be called into the Entrance






Simply let the Ticket Office staff have your admission reference number, no need to print it out









Plan your route and respect others space







Take away hot drinks or ice-cream from the Railway Shop
















Lastly, please enjoy the space and the gardens…




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