Untethered – Juliet & Jamie Gutch


This piece is our first mobile in copper. It is a copy of a piece in wood which is part of our series ‘Swift as light’, made for Circus, London in 2017. The shapes were formed by blacksmith James Wilkinson and finished, balanced and hung by us. The mobiles were inspired by swifts and how they are nearly constantly in flight: eating, drinking, sleeping and mating on the wing. However, they need to come to earth to nest and breed.

The polished copper has deliberately been left untreated and so will gradually change colour as the metal naturally oxidises. If hung outside it will change over a period of about 25 years from a bright golden hue, through shades of brown to a chalky green patina. In this way the material has been left ‘untethered’ and will be free to age naturally, the process being neither artificially accelerated nor restricted.

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