Spring is very welcome this year

Spring is very welcome this year

It is now Spring, so predictably it has turned wintery. As I write there is snow on the ground, and rain falling from above. Despite the poor conditions there are signs of Spring everywhere, with drifts of wild daffodils and Primroses in flower. Many shrubs are springing into life as well with hints of green all around.


The first day of the opening season is looming, and approaching fast. This is a time when the work gets hectic, as we try to finish the major winter work, such as rose pruning, and move onto the big tidy up of all areas in preparation for Easter. It seems especially rushed this year, as the first day of opening is earlier than usual (with Easter falling in March), and the wet winter weather having delayed a lot of the usual winter jobs.

We have achieved a useful few days of work so far this week, with an orchard pruning day on Tuesday, which went well with many of the old Bramley’s thinned out. We are also well on with pruning the Laburnum Pergola, and might have finished this week if the weather had allowed. Yesterday was a glorious sunny day and we were treated to the sight of seven Buzzards souring overhead. They appear to love the sun and blue skies as much as we do.


One bird who is proving less welcome at the moment is Terry the Pheasant. He seems a little confused as to his identity, totally ignoring the other pheasants in the area and latching onto any human that walks into his territory. Unfortunately his advances are not at all friendly, as he sees all people as rivals. Gloves and thick trousers must be worn at all times to avoid injury. He is quite a character, but we realise he will need re-homing elsewhere before visitors start arriving. We have a cardboard box to hand, and at least he shouldn’t prove too difficult to catch. We will miss him, as the sight of a gardener running away with a pheasant in hot pursuit is quite a comical sight.


Let’s hope it stops raining soon, so we can get the garden looking as good as possible in time for Friday 25th March.


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