Curving Pergola

The pergola was originally designed to make an attractive approach to the Rock Garden, with sandstone pillars and cross beams clad with Laburnum x watereri ‘Vossii’, beautiful racemes form a spectacular curtain of gold in late May.

This display is stunning and worth a visit when it reaches its peak usually between late May and early June.

Some of the individual Laburnum specimens are very old indeed, being one of the earliest plantings of this tree, following its introduction to Britain. They have amazing structure and presence and are greatly valued by all. The gardens are continually changing and to maintain its beauty new specimens are being added, to replace the older trees.

There are intimate planting niches on both sides which are home to some favourite plants. Recently we have increased the range of early flowering perennials below the pergola taking advantage of the sunlight still reaching the floor, before the developing Laburnum foliage creates a barrier.

Magnolias add to the floral display, and in the autumn Malus transitoria, a rare ornamental apple from China, produces yellow fruits and beautiful foliage.

Curving-Pergola-(1) Curving-Pergola-(3)
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