Downton Abbey and did you know?

The Downton Abbey similarities (series one) ………

  • Lord Grantham is the owner, the same name as Newby Hall’s owner in the 1800s
  • Matthew Crawley (the heir) is a solicitor in Ripon and gets there on his bike.  Ripon 4 miles away from Newby
  • When an undertaker was required, he came from Thirsk. Around 17 miles away
  • The local blacksmith was working in ‘Skelton village’. Skelton is the village at the end of Newby’s drive
  • The staff went to church in Easingwold, albeit on foot! Around 10 miles away
  • Lady Sybil went to the election results in Ripon – 4 miles away from Newby
  • Lord Grantham’s eldest daughter, who will inherit if she marries Matthew is Lady Mary.  Lady Mary Robinson, daughter of 3rd Lord Grantham and inherited Newby Hall on marriage

Do let us know if you spot any other similarities!

Other Fascinating Newby Facts……

  1. Lord Grantham, an ancestor of the Comptons, gave away America! As Foreign Secretary he drew up the Treaty giving America its independence.
  2. A Royal IOU (from King Charles II to Robert Vyner, another ancestor) hangs on the wall leading upto the Billiard Room. It was never paid and is now worth about £400 million! Robert Vyner commissioned the Crown Jewels in 1660 – a replica set is on display in the Entrance Pavilion.
  3. There are 90 varieties of Cornus (Dogwoods) at Newby. There is also an apple tree unique to Newby – the Strawberry Pippin.
  4. Until 1933 the magnificent gardens were a nine hole golf course.
  5. The Comptons have the rare honour of being granted permission to add the Royal Lion to their Standard. Henry VIII granted this to Sir William Compton in 1512.
  6. Newby’s miniature railway has carried over a million passengers since it started running – all on time!
  7. Bishop Compton is the only Bishop to have crowned a monarch – William and Mary in 1688. He also provided Newby’s first Head Gardener, long before the family had any connections with the House.
  8. In World War II Newby was reserved for the Royal Family in case of evacuation from London in a plan called the Coats Mission.
  9. Newby has the gate from Newgate Prison, through which the famous highwayman Dick Turpin’s rival Jack Sheppard escaped.
  10. Newby Hall has a collection of over 100 chamber pots, some dating from 1500s.
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