The Billiards Room

No other room at Newby underlines the contrast between Georgian and Victorian life in the house so forcibly as the Billiards Room. It now contains portraits and relics of the Vyner family.

Chief among them is the picture of Sir Robert Vyner and his family by John Michael Wright, the original of which was exhibited in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Sir Robert, the leading goldsmith of his day, was commissioned to remake the regalia destroyed by Cromwell, for the Coronation of King Charles II in 1661. Excellent replicas of the regalia he made are on display in the Entrance Pavilion.

On the side table is a circular portrait of Lady Mary’s youngest son, Frederick, who was murdered by Greek Brigands in 1870. It was as a memorial to him that his mother commissioned William Burges to build the Church of Christ the Consoler in  the park.

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