The Dining Room

The Dining Room was designed in 1807 by the 3rd Lord Grantham around some furniture from his father’s house, the other Yorkshire Newby now known as Baldersby Park, near Thirsk.

He copied the frieze from one drawn by his father for that house in 1785, and the chair rail relates to the vine leaf pattern on the two side tables, and the pair of pedestal vases. Lord Grantham re-used three of the alabaster urns with lamps in them that Robert Adam had designed for the niches in William Weddells’ dining room (now the Library); but he had them repainted to match his father’s urns. These and the set of chairs were made by Thomas Chippendale for William Weddell. The chairs are similar to those at Harewood House and Nostell Priory.

The colour for this room, redecorated in 1980, was taken from an original drawing by Lord Grantham, and found in an old folio by the current owner’s mother, Jane Compton.

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